Larry Vitzthum Obituary What Happened to Larry Vitzthum?

Who was Larry Vitzthum? Larry Vitzthum was an esteemed member of Rosa Mystica Foundation of America who left an immeasurable mark on his community through his commitment to faith, prayer, and kindness. A fixture at Rosa Mystica Shrine for over forty years he epitomised devotion; known for sitting unmovable on his favorite pew on Sundays … Read more

Roger Hightower Obituary What Happened to Roger Hightower?

Roger Hightower leaves an inspiring legacy at Talbot House that continues to influence lives beyond its walls and will long remain part of our shared memory. From resident to Board President and beyond, Hightower lived his life dedicated to compassion, leadership, and transformative service; leaving an impactful mark that continues to inspire both within its … Read more

Normaline Brewer Obituary What Happened to Normaline Brewer?

Normaline Brewer’s passing marks the end of an era in Mount Olive, Illinois marked by selflessness and unfaltering dedication to community service. Her life journey from humble roots in Marston Missouri, through becoming beloved member of Mount Olive society at 86 is testament to both her extraordinary life as well as how deeply her presence … Read more

Brittany Richie Obituary What Happened to Brittany Richie?

Brittany Richie, 26, died suddenly and unexpectedly due to gun violence, leaving many who knew her hurt and left with consequences of gun violence to confront. This article delves further into details surrounding the tragedy as well as law enforcement response as well as potential long-term effects for communities affected. What Happened? At 2:45 a.m. … Read more

Melvin Adams Obituary What Happened to Melvin Adams?

Who Was Melvin Adams? At Hanover Community School in Hanover, Indiana, on a somber note we honor and remember Melvin Ray Adams who lived his entire 88 year of life without fail and with unfailing dedication and spirit of generosity. Born June 25 1935 into Jefferson County Indiana as 11th child Melvin’s life was one … Read more

LuAnn Harris Obituary What Happened to LuAnn Harris?

North Carolina Central University (NCCU) family members are grieving the sudden and heartfelt passing of LuAnn Edmonds-Harris on March 2, marking not just an incredible life journey but a lasting legacy that will live on to inspire future generations. Her contributions span more than 30 years at NCCU; leaving a mark that remains testament to … Read more

Margaret McCarley Obituary What Happened to Margaret McCarley?

Who Was Margaret K. McCarley? Margaret K. McCarley was beloved teacher, better known by most as Ms. Martinez in the educational community. Margaret’s commitment to nurturing both minds and hearts of her students set her apart as more than just an ordinary teacher; rather she saw education holistically — emphasizing academic excellence along with personal … Read more

Francisco González Obituary What Happened to Francisco González?

Archdiocese of Washington recently shared with us its deep sadness over Bishop Francisco Gonzalez’s untimely passing, on March 4, 2024 at age 84. Bishop Gonzalez had become revered throughout Washington D.C. due to his tremendous devotion and service, yet ultimately passed away peacefully within Barcelona’s Congregation of Sons of Holy Family as his final resting … Read more