Felton Yarbrough Obituary What Happened to Felton Yarbrough?

Who Was Felton Yarbrough?

Felton Eugene Yarbrough, widely renowned as Gene, left this world on March 2, 2024 surrounded by kindness, love, and an undying sense of service. Gene was welcomed into Olin and Maggie Oliver Yarbrough’s welcoming arms on August 2, 1932 and raised in Valley Alabama where his story tells an inspiring tale of dedication, humility and profound impact through living a life grounded in faith and service.

What Defined His Life?

Gene’s life was defined by strong familial ties, patriotic service and strong beliefs in God. His joy stemmed from spending time with his loved ones such as Michael his son; Tai and Teel his granddaughters; Bella Sadie Connor AJ Michael his great-grandchildren as these bonds epitomised his spirit of love and happiness which pervaded every aspect of Gene’s being.

Gene’s faith stood as an unflagging beacon, serving him well and offering strength during life’s challenges. Gene dedicated himself not just to Fairview Baptist Church as an attendee but by living according to Jesus’s teachings in every aspect of his life – serving him well on his journey on Earth and providing strength and solace along the way.

Gene’s service to others extended well beyond spiritual boundaries to his patriotic duties as well. An accomplished veteran of the United States Air Force, his time spent fighting was marked with distinction and pride – embodying true heroic spirit during active combat duty.

Professionally, Gene’s legacy continued at West Point Foundry where his work ethic, integrity and diligence set an excellent standard of work. However, what truly distinguished Gene was his humility and compassion which left an indelible mark on those around him; Gene lived by example of treating everyone with dignity, love and respect regardless of their station in life.

How Did He Influence Others?

Gene had an indelible mark on many lives through his actions and words, always emphasizing kindness, lending assistance when necessary and being an unwavering source of encouragement to those needing support or comfort. His legacy will never be measured solely by material achievements but through hearts he touched, lives touched enriched through compassion and empathy and lives transformed forever through kindness shown.

Gene’s legacy lives on in his small acts of kindness and quiet moments of support that touched all who knew him – such acts serve to sustain love and service in today’s society.

What Will His Legacy Be?

As we reflect upon Felton Eugene Yarbrough’s life and legacy, it becomes abundantly clear how profound an impactful impression he left upon those lucky enough to know him. Gene’s life was an example of humility, service and affection which demonstrated why some of our greatest contributions often come in form of compassion and kindness.

Gene’s legacy serves as an incentive for us all to embody his virtues of humility, service and openhearted love in our own lives. When we remember his work spreading kindness and compassion we gain an incentive for doing likewise in honoring his memory and continuing onward in his footsteps.

Felton Eugene Yarbrough’s life exemplifies this sentiment of service and generosity in humanity’s tapestry, shining bright as one example of humanity at its best. We bid farewell with deep thanksgiving for what he brought into our lives as well as for leaving such a remarkable legacy that will inspire future generations.

Rest peacefully, Gene. Though your time on Earth may have come to a close, your spirit and legacy live on in us all as guides towards an inspiring future full of love, service and humility.

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