Herbert Wigwe Dead By Tragic Helicopter Crash In California

Herbert Wigwe was one of six individuals killed in California helicopter accident that resulted in Herbert Wigwe’s untimely demise – among which was Access Bank co-founder Herbert Wigwe was one of Nigeria’s premier banks and had profound effects on family, business, philanthropy. Wigwe’s sudden and tragic demise has sent shockwaves through Nigeria’s banking community and globally banking world alike and highlights profound personal consequences as his untimely demise will have long lasting ramifications upon family, business interests as well as charitable projects related to access Bank that were managed under his direction and him personally by Access Bank co-Founder Wigwe himself he left behind to create Access Bank as co-Founder/CEO alongside co-Founder Access Bank (one of Nigeria’s premier financial institutions) prior to co-founding Access Bank alongside Access Bank’s founder/CEO/CEO. This tragic event has sent shockwaves through Nigeria as well as globally banking circles as it showcased how profound Wigwe’s untimely death has had consequences not just family but business empire, business empire expansions as well.

Herbert Wigwe was more than just a banker; his vision stretched far beyond Access Bank’s corporate offices. Since co-founding Access Bank with colleagues in 1989, Wigwe had lead it through transformative growth that saw it emerge as Nigeria’s leading lender by 2018 following Diamond Bank’s purchase by Access. Wigwe set his sights not just on Nigeria itself; more recently his ambitions had expanded Access’ presence to Kenya, South Africa, Botswana as well as plans to introduce banking services across Asia in early 2024.

What Happened in California?

A tragic helicopter crash took place as Wigwe, his family, and former president of the Nigerian Stock Exchange traveled from Palm Springs to Boulder City in Nevada via charter helicopter. Authorities have conducted intensive inquiries at Nipton on the edge of Mojave Desert Preserve near Las Vegas approximately 60 miles from Nipton attempting to ascertain why this tragedy took place; initial reports indicate rain or snow showers may have played a part.

Impact of Wigwe’s Death

News of Wigwe’s passing was met with profound regret from Nigeria and African banking industry professionals alike, who mourn his absence with deep-felt condolences and deep appreciation of Wigwe’s profound role in shaping its financial landscape over the course of many decades. President Bola Tinubu mourned it with words such as an “overwhelming tragedy” and’shock beyond comprehension”. Loss was perceived by all as devastating both to Nigeria and African banking industries alike given his important contributions over decades in shaping its financial landscape over years of time – further underlining his pivotal influence over shaping its development over many continents over many decades of time.

Wigwe’s Legacy and Vision

Wigwe was also committed to finding solutions to more widespread societal challenges beyond banking achievements. He believed in education’s power to curtail mass migration – something which destabilized countries worldwide – so in line with that belief he undertook to establish Wigwe University in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region; an initiative meant not only to offer quality higher education but also offer sustainable solutions to migration crises by creating employment opportunities within migrants’ home nations.

As his community and family mourn his loss, their focus will naturally turn toward honoring his legacy. Access Bank is currently under new management with the challenge of expanding globally while continuing its dominance within Nigerian banking sector; Wigwe University represents hope as its vision to transform educational landscape in Niger Delta represents testament to Wigwe’s dedication towards giving back.


Herbert Wigwe’s untimely passing has left an empty space in many hearts and opened up questions regarding Access Bank and his charitable projects. While investigations of his helicopter crash continue, we should remember his indelible mark left upon banking industry as well as unwavering dedication towards social progress he exhibited throughout his lifetime. By honoring him we remember life is fragile yet crucially essential in creating lasting positive change both locally and beyond.

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