James Chambers Obituary: Who Was James Chambers? How Did He Died And Cause Of Death!

James Harold Chambers Sr. was an esteemed resident of Chalkville, Alabama for nearly 80 years before passing away peacefully at age 78 on November 10, 2023. Born January 10 1945 to Mattie Lou Calhoun and James Felix Chambers – two influential Birmingham parents – in Birmingham Alabama; Harold was known to embody dedication, love and kindness throughout his lifetime.

What Was His Family Background?

Harold enjoyed an abundant family life. His legacy lives on through his children – James H. Chambers Jr, Kenneth W Chambers Paige Chambers and Susan R Skinner as well as their spouses; grandchilden (Mark Allen Soden, Corinne Chambers Brooke Brown Grace Maxwell Chambers Emily Drake Spence Gremillion Kyle Skinner Corey Skinner); grandchildren Mark Allen Soden Soden Corinne Chambers Brooke Brown Grace Maxwell Chambers Emily Drake Spence Gremillion Spence Gremillion Kyle Skinner; sister Sue Long as well as numerous nieces nephews cousins also remain).

What Was His Early Life and Military Service Like?

Harold spent his early years in Birmingham laying the groundwork for a life dedicated to service and commitment, before joining the U.S. Army where he saw heroic combat service during Vietnam – more than simply fulfilling duties; this period served as testament to both courage and devotion for their nation.

What Was His Career Path?

Following military service, Harold embarked upon a 20 year long career at Union Pacific Railroad where he distinguished himself through hard work and perseverance. This period became not just work; rather it demonstrated his life-long dedication.

How Did He Impact His Community and Family?

Harold had an indelible mark on both his community and family. Renowned for his loving, kind-hearted character and compassion towards all, he was the cornerstone of his household putting others before himself. Harold enjoyed spending his free time outdoors exploring nature or working on cars before gardening; only rivaled by his devotion towards family and friends.

What Are Harold’s Interests and Hobbies?

Harold found great solace and joy in nature-based activities outside his professional sphere; from working on cars to tending his garden and tending his vines he found peace and fulfillment from these activities. But for Harold his true joy lay with spending time with family and friends; these memories provided meaning in life beyond leisurely pastimes.

How Will He Be Remembered?

Harold Chambers Sr. will always be remembered fondly and fondly by everyone he knew, his kindness and tender nature leaving cherished memories with those close to him and family members alike. Harold leaves an immense legacy not just through what he accomplished in life but the love and care shown along his journey.

What Are Harold’s Wishes in Place of Flowers?

In honor of Harold and his service, his family requests contributions be made in his name to Vietnam Veterans of America; an organization close to Harold’s heart which will not only honor him while also contributing to its community that was such an integral part of his life story.

How Can People Share Condolences and Memories?

In honor of Harold’s life and to memorialize those he touched so greatly, E.J. Fielding Funeral Home offers their online Guest Book as a platform where friends, family, acquaintances can come together, connect, share memories and remember him fondly.

Conclusion: What Will Harold Leave Behind?

James Harold Chambers Sr. left an indelible mark through his unwavering love, service and dedication throughout his lifetime from Birmingham streets to Vietnam battlefields to family and community hearts across Alabama and Texas – making an imprint that will remain long after we bid farewell, reminding us all how his memory inspires and guides those privileged enough to know him; remembering and honoring what we know of him through memories as we remember what impactful legacy he left as a beacon of compassion strength strength that lives on.

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