Laycee Barnett Obituary Know What Happened To Laycee Barnett?

LayCee Houghton Barnett will forever remain in our hearts as one of our treasured daughters, sisters, wives, mothers and friends. Unfortunately she left us on January 15th 2024 at an incredible young age of 28 after an epic fight against Acute Myeloid Leukemia; leaving behind love from those she touched in life including husband, family members and many close friends who knew and admired her deeply. She will leave an indelible mark upon all those she came into contact with during her short lifetime here on earth.

What Was LayCee’s Early Life Like?

Born March 29 in American Fork, Utah, LayCee’s life was one of joy and passion. Graduating from Wasatch High School in 2013 before earning her Bachelor of Dance Performance degree at Southern Utah University later that same year was truly inspirational; her energy, grace, and infectious smile could fill any room she entered with light and charm.

How Did LayCee Share Her Light With the World?

LayCee was an embodiment of light and happiness. Her strength, sass, kindness, and love shone bright in every aspect of her life – she fiercely protected those close to her while always making sure everyone around felt included and valued. Dancing became not just her profession but a way for her to share her light; often found doing a quick dance wherever she went! Her love of nature led to making lasting memories with family in Utah’s mountains and red rocks.

What Was LayCee’s Love Story?

LayCee and Josh met unexpectedly at a surprise party hosted by friends in June 2012, when she attended and unexpectedly met Josh as her future husband. Their romance gradually blossomed over time with significant moments such as their first kiss on Mount Timpanogos and first expressions of affection from either party. Josh proposed on October 15, 2017, leading them both towards marriage at Bountiful LDS Temple on April 6, 2018, where their hearts would forever remain tied together.

What Was LayCee Like as a Mother?

LayCee and Josh became parents to twin girls Abigail Grace and Shaylee Mae on February 20, 2021. LayCee proved herself an exceptional mother as she skillfully navigated all the complexities associated with new motherhood with twins. Her relationship with both daughters was heartwarming, her affection boundless.

Who Survives LayCee? Her legacy will live on in her loving parents, Dale and SherRon Houghton; Steve and Jennifer Barnett; Josh Barnett and twin daughters Abi and Shay will miss her greatly; as will Alisha Heather Sydney Dakota Andrew Siena Joey as well as many nieces and nephews who will cherish every memory she left us all with.

How Will LayCee Be Recognized and Remembered?

On January 22nd, LayCee will be honored at Lake Creek Farms Ward in Heber City, Utah and Memorial Lake View Cemetery in Bountiful with a viewing at Lindquist’s Bountiful Mortuary allowing friends and family to come together, share memories, pay respects, as well as express sympathy through flowers sent directly or online via their website.

What Can We Learn From LayCee’s Life?

LayCee was an unforgettable reminder of the power of joy, love, and resilience despite hardship. Her passion for dance, love for her family, and zest for living are an example to all of us – we remember LayCee not with sorrow but instead as an opportunity to reflect upon all she achieved throughout her short yet extraordinary life and the countless lives it touched.

LayCee Houghton Barnett lived her journey full of vibrant spirit, unyielding love, and unforgettable joy – her legacy lives on in those fortunate enough to know her – reminding us to cherish every moment, spread joy through dance and live life full of heart! As we remember LayCee’s legacy we are reminded to cherish life with full hearts full of love.

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