Mike Dickson Obituary And Cause Of Death What Happened To Mike Dickson?

Who Was Mike Dickson?

Mike Dickson was one of the greatest figures in sports journalism and Daily Mail tennis correspondent. Unfortunately he died suddenly at just 59 after 38 years devoted primarily to covering that sport starting with 1990’s Daily Mail Tennis Daily Guide; covering 30 sports across 50 nations before tragically passing away during coverage at Melbourne Open days before turning 60th age on January 27.

Dickson was defined by his passion and deep devotion for sports journalism. Beginning as the Daily Mail cricket correspondent before switching over to tennis coverage – showing his versatility and broad knowledge base in sports journalism – Dickson became known for providing insightful analysis, keen eye for details, and conveying essence of sport to his readers.

How Did Mike Dickson Influence Sports Journalism?

Mike Dickson made an immeasurable mark on sports journalism. Well known for his professionalism and dedication, he mentored numerous aspiring journalists by sharing his wealth of knowledge generously. Colleagues in his industry greatly respected his integrity, work ethic and respectful approach he used when engaging with everyone from budding athletes to experienced professionals; these attributes all helped shape its landscape while setting an high bar for those following in his footsteps.

What were Dickson’s Personal Passions?

Outside the press box, Dickson was an engaging individual living in Wimbledon with his loved ones and supporting both Tranmere Rovers and Everton football clubs from The Wirral – passions which extended far beyond sports journalism journalism alone and allowed many who knew him both personally and professionally to relate. Dickson became popularly known amongst both sides.

How Has the Sports Community Responded?

Mike Dickson’s passing sent shock waves through the sports community. Tributes from colleagues, athletes, and enthusiasts expressed sorrowful admiration of both his work and personality; tributes were offered from colleagues, athletes, fans alike all showing deep reverence for him as someone able to connect with people through writing while remaining approachable – qualities which made him beloved among fans and professionals he touched through his writing work. It has left an impactful hole within journalism community itself but also for all those impacted by his loss throughout sports journalism itself as well.

Mike Dickson leaves behind an unparalleled legacy in journalism and sports writing; one which continues to influence and inspire future generations of journalists and sports enthusiasts. His works stand as testament to his skills, dedication, and passion for storytelling about sport – while for young sports journalists looking up to him for guidance as they start out in journalism he remains an inspirational figure who epitomises integrity, professionalism and genuine enthusiasm for storytelling in that arena. His legacy will live on for decades!


Mike Dickson’s untimely passing has left a great void in sports journalism. His distinguished career, defined by professionalism, versatility and deep sports knowledge set him apart as an esteemed figure within this profession. Mike will live on in our hearts through stories told, lives touched and standards set within sports journalism he set; Mike’s memory will endure both through his extraordinary work but also for being such a dedicated family man with such deep knowledge for sport that his contributions continue to be celebrated long after he leaves us all behind. Conclusion: Mike Dickson will leave an irreparable hole within sports journalism but will keep alive his memory by keeping alive his contributions as long as sports itself exists!

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