Wade Edwards Obituary, Who Was Wade Edwards & What Is Cause Of Demise?

Wade Vincent Edwards was beloved by both family and community and peacefully passed away at home on January 18th 2023, having been born February 6th 1952 in Galax, Virginia to Vincent and Dorothy C Edwards. Wade’s early years there served to establish faith, love, and dedication towards family as an individual.

What were His Early Years Like?

On May 29th 1965 in Laurel Maryland, Wade made an important turning point in his life when he decided to be baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and begin adhering to its principles and beliefs. It would become central in shaping both his decisions and interactions with people around him throughout his lifetime.

Who Were His Closest Acquaintances?

On August 3, 1979, Wade wedded Dotty Edwards–his longtime best friend and beloved wife for 43 years–in love and partnership. Together they raised two daughters together: Amanda and Rachel. Wade was dedicated to his family; welcoming Joey Martinez and Randy West into his heart as sons-in-law while taking great pleasure from his three granddaughters Elizabeth, Julianna, and Penelope into his heart and life. His family circle also included Pamela Ward and Bonnie West along with many more whose lives he touched.

How did He Impact His Community?

Wade lived his life exemplifying his deep faith and commitment to his community as an active Jehovah’s Witnesses member, known for kindness, generosity and willingness to assist those less fortunate than himself. His words often reflected teachings within his religion that focused on love, family and support of fellow humans – his legacy left by Wade is testament to that.

Where and When Will the Memorial Service Be Hosted?

As part of his life and to pay our respects, Wade will be honored at a memorial service that will take place Saturday, January 28, 2023, beginning at 6 p.m. at Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses located at 15103 Rixeyville Road Culpeper VA 22701 where friends and acquaintances of Wade can begin arriving as early as 5pm until his service commences, providing everyone who knew him an opportunity for reunion and support during this sad yet joyful occasion.

What Should Attendees Expect From the Memorial Service?

Wade Vincent Edwards will be honored at his memorial service by friends, family members, and community members as they gather both to grieve his passing as well as celebrate a life well lived. Attendees should expect an event which honors Wade’s faith-based commitments; his love for his family; as well as contributions he made towards building up the community at large. It will serve as an occasion for sharing memories; offering condolences; as well as finding comfort from collective memories shared among us all of him who made such an impressionful person’s life on our lives all.

How Can His Legacy Be Recognized?

Honoring Wade Edwards legacy can take various forms. Engaging in acts of kindness, supporting one’s community, and embodying his values are all ways that people can pay homage to his memory. For those able to, supporting causes important to Wade or to his family can serve as meaningful tributes – along with respecting privacy concerns of family members during this difficult period, offering support, or remembering his principles in how he lived his life can all serve as meaningful tributes that honor a person who gave so much back.

Wade Vincent Edwards embodied devotion, love, and service during his lifetime. Today his loved ones gather to remember him – his legacy lives on through those whom he touched as well as in their fondest memories of him.

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